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How to Join Our Church Family

Are you interested in learning more about our church?  Would you like to join our church family?  Do mission projects meet your desire to serve others?  Can we help you strengthen your faith?

The 4Gs

At the Gaylord United Church of Christ, we do not stress membership - we emphasize participation.  We are not a church of sitters, we are a church of doers.  We encourage everyone who attends our activities ot participate in what God is helping us accomplish.  You can become involved in a few of our activities by yourself.  Or you can invite your family, friends, and colleagues to volunteer as a group.  Group activities build a sense of community and shared purpose that multiples the ways in which you can give glory to God through tithing.  We call these categories of involvement, "The 4Gs."


Our church exists for people far from God.  Please feel free to invite people in your life to experience the life-changing message of Jesus.


God has equipped each of us with unique gifts and skill sets. Through the church family, you have the opportunity to use your talents to serve God, working together with other people who share a similar passion and vision of ministry.


We consider it a privilege to give back to God from the gifts we have so freely received.  We celebrate generosity and the work that God can accomplish through our sacrificial giving.


Participating in small groups is a great way to build community, strengthen relationships, and foster personal spiritual growth.  We encourage everyone to connect with other church members and friends who want to live their faith through actions as well as words.
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Please call us at 507-237-2595 or stop by the church to visit us if you are interested in receiving more information about any of these topics.

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P.O. Box 385
318 Fourth Street
Gaylord, MN 55334-0385

Phone: 507-237-2595
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E-Mail: uccgaylord@gmail.com

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