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Gifts of Talent

Our talents are special blessings or gifts that we receive from God for the good of others. When we volunteer to help others by sharing our talents, we give something more precious than our time or our money.

What is Stewardship of Talents?

If stewardship means taking care of and sharing God’s gifts, then stewardship of the gift of talent means developing and using our God-given abilities and characteristics. A “talent” is not necessarily something at which we are extremely skilled at. To be a good steward of our talents, simply means to use whatever God has given us to the best of our ability. God has given each one of us a special combination of traits and abilities, interests and passions, skills and experiences that make us who we are and they prepare us to do what God needs us to do. Whether you are a good listener, good cook, a musician, a computer programmer, a good speaker, or a friendly face – God gave you a valuable talent to be nurtured and shared. Sharing even one of your traits or talents is enough to make a difference. If we generously share the gifts we have with others, God will make whatever he gave us “enough” to fulfill His plan.

How can I use or share my Talents?

There are numerous opportunities in our daily lives to use our talents to serve others. We can use our talents to take care of our families, help our friends and neighbors, contribute to society through our work and civic activities, assist at a school, participate in parish life and ministries, and do community service. Below are a few examples of how you can share your talents:
  • Teach or take a religious education class
  • Donate goods to the needy
  • Sing in the church choir
  • Serve as a participant in our worship services
  • Volunteer at a school
  • Contribute to a bake sale
  • Serve as an usher
  • Support youth groups
  • Befriend an elderly person
  • Join a church Board or Commmittee
  • Volunteer for a church project
  • Visit the imprisoned
  • Share your faith with others
  • Support missions
  • Work at a food bank
  • Pray for others

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