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A Permission-Giving Church

“The mission of the Gaylord United Church of Christ is:
To proclaim the love of God in Jesus Christ to this community and the world; and
to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our words and deeds.”

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After 9 months of conversation, prayer, and reflection, we decided to become a "Permission-Giving Church" in June 2013.  What does this mean?

A Permission-Giving Model

The church will be structured around the mission statement, “connecting people to Jesus Christ” and the principle of permission giving. Permission giving is defined by the principle that “if someone wants to do something that is in line with our missions statement, we commit to helping them succeed in their endeavor.”

A permission giving church relies on consensus as much as possible and on voting as little as possible. Consensus is defined as: “not necessarily complete agreement, but a prayerful meeting of the minds, a general agreement with the majority opinion.” Consensus is not 51-49, it is not 60-40. It may be represented by 70-30, surely by 80-20, but in any case the core issue is praying to discern God's will for us as we seek to fulfill the mission.

Consensus asks everyone to support the decision or to go and pray for guidance if they do not. It leaves room for and respects differences of opinion. Consensus supports the mission while keeping those in prayer who may not agree. We have to trust that God wants us to know God's plan and that God will reveal it to us. Our goal would be that through prayer, we move beyond consensus to commitment. That those that disagree be praying for guidance to shed personal feelings for the benefit of the whole and the mission.

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