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In the fall of each year, the current President appoints the Nominating Committee.  The tradition is that the last year’s President, the current year President, Vice President, Pastor, and one or more at large members form the Nominating Committee.  The current Vice President will become the President the following year.  Usually the Committee asks those in office to serve as Secretary and Treasurer.  The Committee then selects and asks a member of the congregation to be Vice President for the following year, and if need be, they approach members to serve as Secretary and Treasurer if the current Secretary and/or Treasurer for some reason will not be willing or able to fill those positions the following year.

Officers of the Church


Presides over Church Council meetings, the annual meeting, and various other Church functions.  Represents the church at various greater UCC meetings.

Vice President

Attends the Church Council meetings, and presides over them if the president is not able to attend.


The Treasurer needs to know more about bookkeeping than most people do, and be willing to spend a lot of time doing the accounting which includes:  recording offerings and other gifts; keeping track of investments; paying bills; and recording all of that so reports can be given to church members in a format that they understand.

Council Secretary

The secretary attends all council meetings to take notes, and then organize and publish the minutes each month.



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