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Board of Deacons


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The Board of Deacons consists of four (4) members, men and women, elected by the congregation, each serving a three-year term of office on a rotating basis.  Whenever possible, we add an additional member from our Youth Group.


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Meeting Time

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Deacons at the United Church of Christ in Gaylord assist the Pastor with overseeing the spiritual affairs of the church and community. Some of the more specific and visible things that they do include:
  • preparing and serving communion,
  • calling on the sick and needy from the church and community on behalf of the church,
  • polishing the brass candlesticks and cross on the altar,
  • ordering and placing alter candles and candle lighter wicks,
  • change the pulpit cloth,
  • interview the senior confirmation class prior to their becoming church members,
  • assist with the Confirmation and Baccalaureate Services, and
  • filling the pulpit (e.g., "Pulpit Supply") when the Pastor is absent.

Pastoral Involvement

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