Ecumenical and Interfaith Partners

Our commitment to the unity of Christ’s church is affirmed by the words of our symbol—”That They May All Be One.” (John 17:21). Itself a union of several Christian traditions, the United Church of Christ is actively engaged in ecumenical relationships that seek to heal the broken unity of the Body of Christ.

The division of the church is a result of human sin, and all Christians have a responsibility to work for the day when, as Jesus prayed, “they may all be one.” Ecumenical relations helps us to learn from the spiritual traditions of other churches. They help us to serve the world more effectively in God’s name. They remind us that while we are proud of the diversity of the Protestant traditions that have joined in our united church, there is an even greater diversity in the Body of Christ that can make us whole.

Our ecumenical commitments affect us no matter where we live and worship. They are as near as the neighboring church down the street and as far as the communities of Christians who live the Gospel in the poorest countries of Africa and Asia, the Pacific and the Americas. On these pages you will learn more about these commitments as well as the broader dialogue between Christians and the followers of other religions.

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