What is Stewardship?

Stewardship isn’t something you do; it’s the way you live your entire life. Christian Stewardship is accepting the many gifts God has blessed us with, caring for them in a responsible manner, and sharing them with others. 

We are all called to use our gifts to do God’s work to fulfill the mission set forth by Jesus. The responsibility for continuing the mission of the Church lies with each of its members. All members of the Church are called to practice Stewardship of the Church. Every person has the responsibility to determine concrete ways in which God intends them to use their time, talents, and resources.

We can help each other become good Stewards in many different ways, such as:

  • Attend and participate in worship services;

  • Donate dollars to support the financial needs of the church ministries!

  • Volunteer to help with mission projects;

  • Serve on church Boards and Committees;

  • Serve at coffee hour;

  • Assist as a reader in worship;

  • Volunteer for community activities; 

  • Bring your own ideas!