Gifts of Time

Time is a gift from God and we are only given so much time in our lives. Sharing and taking care of the gift of time is the beginning of truly understanding stewardship.*

What is Stewardship of Time?

Often times, when we think of stewardship, we think of time and talent being connected or being one. They are actually two different gifts from God. Talent is the gifts or special blessings we receive from God. While, time is simply the 24 hours we each receive everyday. God expects us to make good use of the time we are given. The ways in which we use the time we are given show what is important to us. It’s important to thoughtfully plan your time so that you allow enough time in your schedule to work, to rest, to play and to pray. This is very important in the stewardship of our physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual lives.

Prayer – Stewardship of Time

Regular commitment of time in prayer is essential in further developing our relationship with God.  God calls each of us to take time each day to pray and to worship.  Praying on a regular basis helps give us a greater sense of peace, a fuller appreciation for the gift of life, and a larger sense of gratitude for all that we are and all that we have.  There are many ways for us to make prayer a regular part of our daily life, including:

  • Pray as a family at all meals
  • Pray as a family in the morning and/or evening
  • Read and discuss each Sunday’s gospel messaged as a family
  • Spend 15 minutes each day in quiet time

Daily Family Prayer

The Christian Family is the first place for education young children about the benefits of prayer.  When children learn to pray, they develop a habit of connecting with God during both the good and bad times in their lfe.

* Portions of this page were adapted from the Immaculate Conception Church in Monmouth, IL.